Transform Your Business Rules into Profitable Decisions

Empower IT and business users to manage business rules outside the application—without coding.

Progress® Corticon® complements your existing applications by automating sophisticated decision processes, reducing development and change cycles by up to 90%.

Automate business decisions

LRecurring decisions are made in every department of the enterprise, at a frequency and volume that significantly impact business results. In a world where we all seem to be focused on increasing agility and reducing operational costs, why aren’t we automating more of these recurring business decisions? Why don’t we treat our decisions as corporate assets—as we do our data, our products and our people?

The barriers to automation are not trivial. Many organizations have decisionintensive business processes with complex decision logic that must be applied at a high transaction rate; they are challenged with both getting the logic right (correctness) and processing the logic fast enough to meet the required transaction throughput. Whether decisions are made by people or by software, they must be made consistently and accurately—every time.

Corticon Studio will model, verify and test any business logic, regardless of its complexity. Features include: