Connecting people, applications and data.

Universal integration

API-driven integration for businesses of any size


Connecting everything requires supporting a spectrum of integration patterns, API endpoints, and deployment options. This is best achieved with a portfolio of independent, but tightly integrated capabilities that let employees with varying skills easily build and deploy integration flows as needed to break down information silos. It’s the easiest, most cost-effective approach for connecting people, applications, and data.

By integrating devices, partners, and all sorts of applications, you acquire a unique visibility into context, and the ability to give customers truly customized experiences. And by exposing your services on your own channels and others, you multiply opportunities for conquering new audiences, expanding your horizons, and mastering new business models.

Get the agility to integrate and expose your data, applications and devices to your entire ecosystem

API . Anywhere deployment . Business process management . Low code . Event driven . Cloud native