We are an exponential organization dedicated to implementing technology projects focused on data analysis and customer experiences.

We have a presence in the USA and Mexico and we have an extended capacity to serve clients in any part of the world.

What do we do?

We help companies that need to transform and improve their competitiveness through better management and analysis of data and the creation of more profitable customer experiences.

We make digital transformations that exponentially impact the business.

How we do it?

IIntegrating the best available technology platforms and flexible subscription services aimed at exponentially transforming the value chain. We are specialists in data management, integration and performance measurement.

How do we create value?

Our clients manage to translate the use of technology into tangible benefits:

-Cost effectiveness


-Reaction capacity

-Best experiences for your clients

-Better understanding of your business.

The i-keex concept

i-keex is a concept that reflects innovation, evolution, intelligence


i ntelligence

i ntegration

i nnovation


K'eex is the Mayan word for change, transformation, evolution


X refers to the transformations and exponential benefits that our clients achieve