Application performance  monitoring

Best-in-class APM from the category leader. Advanced observability across cloud and hybrid environments, from microservices to mainframe. Automatic full-stack instrumentation, dependency mapping and AI-assisted answers detailing the precise root-cause of anomalies, eliminating redundant manual work, and letting you focus on what matters. Dynatrace APM includes infrastructure monitoring and AIOps, delivering instant answers across the full stack.

Easy, Automatic, AI empowered

Assure consistently better business outcomes and optimize user experience by maintaining an outside-in understanding of how your entire cloud stack supports the outcomes expected – service by service, journey by journey, KPI by KPI.

Advanced observability at scale for all infrastructure

Automatically monitor all your infrastructure, including cloud, hybrid, containers, VMs, network, servers, storage and more. Get advanced observability across PaaS and container technologies such as AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, OpenShift, and Cloud Foundry, process detection and resource utilization, network usage and performance, log monitoring, third-party data and event integration.


Prevent problems before users see them

With synthetic monitoring, automatically discover problems across production and development environments before your customers are affected and begin to overload your call centers with complaints.