We are experts in analytics

i-keex provides data analysis platforms and services for companies that need to improve their decision-making and generate value through data. Build a data-driven organization.

Business intelligence

Our next-generation data analysis platform enables each user to do more with the data. Combine any number of data sources, no matter how large or complex it is. Our Business Intelligence (BI) solutions provide all the information you need to drive your organization through fact-based decision making. It's about taking control of your data and using it to create value.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics can be used for many things. Predictive analytics gives you the opportunity to predict a result or action based on existing data.

Our use of predictive analytics leverages our data insights to predict, for example, the risk of a specific user dropping out, or which communication channel the user will use next time, based on existing online behavior.

End-to-end data analysis

Implement any type of data analysis requirement with a modern multi-cloud architecture, providing on-demand data to all your users with enterprise-level governance and security

. Data integration

.Data preparation

.Data streaming


Advanced analytics

World class platforms

Analytical capabilities are essential for a digital business; They allow information to be extracted from large or small data, transmitted or at rest. With the ubiquity of the data, analytics is proliferating across disciplines. Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language search are making it easier for everyone to brainstorm, whether it's from self-service analytics, centralized IT-governed analytics, embedded analytics, or advanced analytics use cases.

Now, more of your organization can take advantage of easy-to-use interactive dashboards with one-click geospatial, predictive, and streaming analytics to develop deeper insights, uncover hidden patterns, and act on high-value business opportunities


Regardless of the industry, the most powerful asset that companies have has changed. Data now underpins success
in physical asset mining and digital business opportunities, improving accuracy, increasing efficiency
and increase the ability of the workforce to deliver greater value.

Those who lead with data take advantage of it: Qlik's data literacy index found that data-driven organizations
benefited from higher corporate performance, resulting in a higher total company value of 3-5 percent,
equivalent to $ 500 million when applied to organizations included in the study.2